Our Unique Blind Cleaning Service

For over 25 years, Abby’s Ultrasonic has perfected a unique and more thorough way of cleaning our customers’ window coverings. Though we are all aware of the effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning at Abby’s, we have found that ultrasonic cleaning alone do not provide the result that we demand for our customers. We take several extra steps to attain a superior result. In pretreating each item, we assess the overall condition to determine the methods and cleaning agents to be used, blowout/remove foreign material as needed. Then we hand detail to remove excess grime, residue, and oxidation, insert the item into the ultrasonic tanks, and continue to hand clean, including pull cords, headrails, and ladders. We then apply an antistatic polish (as applicable) for a shinier, smoother, and more dust resistant finish. We dry, inspect, make minor adjustments as needed to the finished product before wrapping them for return.
We clean our window coverings in our shop not in your driveway. We have found that onsite cleaning limits the quality of the results that can be achieved due to the fact that are space limitations for thorough cleaning on site, they cannot be dried, inspected(see above) and installed before reinstalling and can cause water dripping on windows and window sills, carpets, computers and furniture in the home or office.
We specifically treat…

Nicotine Stains
Pet Hair
Water and food stains
Smoke stains and odors

Blind Repairs
At Abby’s we do more than just clean blinds. We also repair and replace broken and damaged parts and make needed adjustments including:
Restringing (lift cords)
Tilt and lock control replacements
Wand replacements
Miscellaneous part replacements
Types Of Window Coverings We Service
Mini blinds
Micro mini blinds
Vertical blinds (fabric and vinyl)
Honeycombs including duettes, cell shades and crystal pleats
Wood blinds (our special hand cleaning is recommended)
Faux wood and composite wood blinds
Pleated shades

New Blinds/Shades

We carry a full line of top quality window treatments where replacement of your existing blinds/shades is desired. Our line of suppliers including Hunter Douglas, Century, HT, Graber and Springs. Our prices are very competitive, while providing the personal touch not provided in big box stores.