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Abby’s Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

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Blind and Shade Cleaning

We service all types of blinds and shades with professional, meticulous and worry free care.  Call us today for questions or to schedule your cleaning and repairs 408-316-1886.

Got Dirty Blinds. Shades, or Verticals?

Dirt, dust, grime, and mildew can lead to an unhealthy environment, can increase allergy symptoms and upper respiratory problems. In addition dirty window coverings can be unattractive in your home or office and result in their discoloration and deterioration.  Clean blinds/shades last longer.

Solution: Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is a method of cleaning your blinds and shades by using sound waves through a water solution.  It is like the process your dentist uses to clean his instruments or your jeweler uses to clean your jewelry.  Ultrasonics addresses the entire blind or shade including fabric, slats, cords, ladders, headrails and internal parts.  It reaches into all the cracks and crannies that other traditional methods cannot reach. 

However, all ultrasonic services are not the same.  For over 20 years, Abby’s Ultrasonic has perfected a unique way of cleaning our customers’ window coverings.  Though we are all aware of the effectiveness of ultrasonics at Abby’s we have found that ultrasonics alone do not provide the result that we demand for our customers.  We take several extra steps to obtain a result which other companies fail to achieve.

To obtain our superior results, we clean our window coverings in our shop.  We have found that onsite cleaning limits the quality of the results that can be achieved due to the fact that are space limitations for thorough cleaning on site, they cannot be dried, inspected and installed before reinstalling and can cause water dripping on windows and window sills, carpets, computers and furniture in the home or office.

We start out by assessing each blind to determine the proper care, treatment and technique needed to address the requirements for that blind or shade.  Next we hand pre-clean the blind to loosen particles, grime, stains, etc that will not completely be removed with ultrasonics.  We tailor our cleaning solutions to meet the need of your blind/shade.  (Onsite methods cannot adequately do this as they must move on to the next location and usually cannot change solutions from one customer to another).  We then ultrasonically clean and deodorized the blinds, including lubrication of all parts.  We then apply a unique antistatic solution to give the blinds a smoother feel, more attractive appearance and more dust resistance.  We also specially treat the pull cords to get them as clean and white as possible.  We then hang and blow dry the blinds in our shop.  Lastly, we inspect them before returning them to our customers.  If we find any areas that need to be readdressed, we detail or reclean the blind as needed.

For fabric shades such as silhouettes, cell shades, pleated shades and luminettes, we remove dead insects, pet hair and particles not removed by the ultrasonic techniques.  We spot clean as needed.  We treat mildew stains to get the shade as close to new as possible. 

Our customers have found that their blinds serviced by us look newer, cleaner and shinier than they have experienced with other cleaners or cleaning techniques. 

Blind Repairs

At Abby’s we do more than just clean blinds.  We also repair and replace broken and damaged parts and make needed adjustments including:

  • Restringing (lift cords)
  • Tilt and lock control replacements
  • Wand replacements
  • Miscellaneous part replacements
  • Tassels


We ultrasonically clean and repair all different types of blinds and shades including:

  • Mini blinds
  • Micro mini blinds
  • Vertical blinds (fabric and vinyl)
  • Luminettes
  • Silhouettes
  • Honeycombs including duettes, cell shades and crystal pleats
  • Wood blinds (our special hand cleaning is recommended)
  • Faux wood and composite wood blinds
  • Shades
  • Pleated shades
  • Vignettes
  • Smoke damaged items

New Blinds/Shades

We carry a full line of top quality window treatments where replacement of your existing blinds/shades is desired.  Our line of suppliers including Hunter Douglas, Century, Kathy Ireland, HT, Graber and Springs.  Our prices are very competitive and affordable.

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