Awning Services

Here at Commercial Detailing Systems we offer:Awnings

Awning Cleaning
Awning Repairs
Awning Recovers

New Awnings

Bird Proofing
Outdoor Kitchen, Furniture and Heater Covers


We also offer retractable recovers and all new retractables!

Reliability since 1989 – over 25 years of experience
Over 50,000 awnings serviced with superior quality.
We provide one time or periodic awning maintenance programs
We utilize high reach equipment for hard to reach places


Awning Repair Retractable

If your awning is still cleanable, but has broken seams, holes/tears, or graffiti, we can often repair those and keep your awning(s) lasting for years longer while still looking good.

We also offer the ability to recolor your existing fabric to the same or new color.

Awning Recover

If your awning has worn out or you decide to change color or fabric, and we provide that service while retaining your existing frame. When combined with our specialty cleaning programs your new awning will last many years.

Outdoor Kitchen Covers Outdoor Furniture Covers 3

Awnings provide tremendous shade and comfort to an existing area to guests or customers, expand space usage, protect customers, goods, and furniture, and reduce excess heat, while providing a sharper image. We design and build new frames and covers for both residential and commercial uses and provide a maintenance program that will keep your investment lasting many more years than normally expected.


Whether you desire your new or recovered awning a better means of advertising your business, we provide graphics to be applied to your new awning.

Outdoor Furniture and Heater Covers  Patio Covers 2

Protecting your outdoor kitchens including granite tops, stainless steel appliances are important to maintaining the beauty and longevity of these investments. We custom make covers to fit your designs so that they enhance their beauty when not in use and compliment your overall environment. We use the same long lasting marine quality material that we use for our awnings.

Bird Proofing

Bird droppings accumulation can permanently stain and damage awning fabric and we provide many solutions to keeping your awnings looking sharp and bird free.